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This is SO STUPID!

I’d rather be shooting hoops Continue reading

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Hi, from all of us: Norm, Wendy, Judy, and Peter. We’re the Bloggersons, and we love to blog! We might blog about the dog, Freddie, or we might blog about the weird stuff that we found in the backyard. You … Continue reading

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Judy to the Rescue

Hi, world. This is Judy, and I’m here to tell you how things really are. Do you know that the government is reading this even as I type it? It’s true! They have this humongous database, and they store everything … Continue reading

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You Never Know What You’ll Get

Hi, folks! I’m Norman, beloved husband to Wendy, and devoted father of Judy and Peter. Welcome to our blog! We like to let our kids speak their minds, and as you will see — or have seen already — you … Continue reading

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