About Us

Meet the Bloggersons

We’re the Bloggersons, Norman and Wendy and Judy and Peter. We live in northern California, and I’d love to tell you just where, but I’m afraid you’d all show up on the same day looking to meet us and wanting some of those fabulous brownies that Wendy is so famous for, and we just wouldn’t have enough to go around!

Mom and Dad — Norman and Wendy — have been sweethearts ever since sophomore year in college, and have been married for more than twenty years. Maybe a lot more, depending on when you’re reading this.

We love to go hiking and biking and canoeing. Both the kids are great swimmers, which is a good thing since somebody — we don’t want to mention any names — is just terrible at paddling a canoe!

You’ll find us at home most weekends, tending to the yard or working out in the garage on some project, or grilling up some burgers and hot dogs in the summertime. We’d love for you to drop by some time but, as we said earlier, we’re just afraid that you’d all show up at the same time and we’d run out of brownies!

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